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in the mobile leisure sector

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Who We Work With

We develop trusted relationships with our customers and partners

Our Customer Demographic

We are the leading provider of marketing solutions to the mobile leisure industry

  • 62%
    in motorhomes
  • 17%
    in static homes
  • 17%
    in caravans
  • 4%
    in tents/awnings
We are the largest
digital agency
servicing the mobile
leisure industry
20 years marketing mobile leisure

We enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers, to add value and improve your profitability

Websites in action

Our customers' global coverage online in the leisure market (2013 - 2014)

increased website page views
8,312,471 page views
Eight million, three hundred and twelve thousand, four hundred and seventy one
increased website visitors
3,382,170 website visitors
Three million, three hundred and eighty two thousand, one hundred and seventy
Our real time results allow for instant customer sales engagement

Email marketing solutions

Our customers' global email marketing in the leisure market (Jan 2013 - Dec 2013)

652,769 emails sent recipient approved
Six hundred and fifty two thousand, seven hundred and sixty nine
open evelope
27.8% average open rate
Industry average open rate for Leisure, Travel & Tourism sectors is 14.8%
email analytics

Industry open rate supplied by:

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We use a complete range of facts to enhance your brand's true marketing potential

Social Engagement

Helping mobile leisure customers engage and develop their brand loyalty

Our knowledge and experience is backed by a commitment to understand the mobile leisure customers, which yields loyal connections.
social media management
435,500 annual connections
Averaging four hundred and thirty five thousand, five hundred social connections
social post management
20,000 posts
We create thousands of engaging social posts a year for our leisure customers

Media Buying Capabilities

Buying media in bulk saves your business money, just look at our buying power

  • mobile leisure media buying£200,000 media
  • corporate literature print buying£170,000 print
  • comercial radio airtime buying£50,000 radio
  • national television airtime buying£25,000 tv
The only UK based company to have an app featured in an official Apple advert.
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approved apple and android application developers

Application Development

Award winning app development team

application development
382,458 unit downloads
Three hundred and eighty two thousand, four hundred and fifty eight
approved application developers
106 applications released
One hundred and six published applications
Dramatically improve your warranty, parts ordering and
claim management processes with our tailored mobile
leisure systems.
Ask for a demo, call us on: 01427 610127
parts ordering and claim management software

Efficient Software Solutions

Over 30 years developing award winning and world class virtual working environments

software usability
160,000+ active users
More than one hundred and sixty thousand people worldwide are using our solutions
efficient software
300% increased efficiency
Experience remarkable leaps in productivity
production saving software
£100,000+ saved
In production time and claims

Our Routes To Market

We offer a vast range of effective routes to promote your business and products

The Unified Front

Together your marketing will stand as one

Managing all aspects of our customers' marketing allows us to present a recognisable and unified identity to their customers, across all media - online, offline and in store.


Keeping you and your customers' data secure

We're entrusted with masses of industry data, all of which aids our insight and ability to deliver targeted solutions for your business.

For this reason, every effort is taken to protect the information in our care and we work hard to prevent any possibility of compromise.

Our discretion and safe keeping of your data is paramount to the integrity and credibility of the service we provide your business.

Our Blueprint to Success

20 years' experience, one direction, one agency... full service

Our numbers illustrate the confidence and ability we have in your market sector. This expertise delivers outstanding and proven results for our customers, and we believe the complete spectrum of routes to market we offer will make a positive difference to your business and customers.

We work with more companies in the mobile leisure
market than any other digital agency.

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Let our expertise expand your brand's connection with your customer base

Let Kal Group bridge the gap
connect with your customers

@creva Also I take your point abour trailer tents etc - I was thinking solely of caravans when I wrote the piece.