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life everywhere

We don’t play hide and seek, we prefer murder ball. The idea of firing precision shots and hitting their intended targets is our game, and we’re top of the league.

Social media management

Is your social life getting you down? Do you feel like it needs a boost? Do you dream of quadrupling your followers and hitting 500K video views every month? If so, let’s talk over a beer about how Kal Group does things a bit differently and get your business social buzzing.

Audience targeting

We’re on your side, and we play to win. We love segmentation, which sounds strange when you say it aloud, but it will deliver game-changing results to your digital marketing by funnelling personalised adverts and scoring on conversions.

Campaign creation

Like a barbershop quartet, we’ll harmonise your marketing beautifully, creating campaigns that sing across all communication channels and customer touchpoints. Every digital output is preset with trackable KPIs, all of which are analysed and fed back to you for review.

PR (digital)

Stories weave the fabric of society, the yarn that holds reality together. With 1,000s of published articles already working hard for our customers, let us put your business achievements into words. Your industry needs your story to be heard, and we will unveil it well to everybody who needs to hear.

Affiliate programs

We help people discover their new favourite brand by placing your adverts where people will find them. We associate your brand with fine-tuned customer demographics and clickable content to turn passive admirers into buying customers.

Performance reports

So, you’ve invested in marketing. How do you know it’s delivering for you? We’ll provide you with all the numbers you want, whenever you want them. That’s the magic of our digital advertising reports - everything is accountable, explained, qualified, and available to act on when you need it.

Channel feedback management

Customers love to talk. Some will defend your honour; others will stab you in the back. The best place for your business is to be listening and engaging in those conversations. It can all get a little too much at times. We're big on the chatter and can help you manage and respond to your followers' needs, breaking the tension and turning admirers into fans.

Digital distribution

The internet is a vast place. Don't allow your business to get lost amongst the latest memes. We know where your potential customers are, and your business will know too. We'll drive business to and through your website from a full suite of digital marketing channels, ensuring that every visit, click, post, and confirmation is trackable and tweaked to bring bigger and better returns.

Let’s talk!

We can help you utilise new technologies and advise you on how to get the most from your business and your customers.