Helping potential customers find your business

In 2020, 87% of UK households made online purchases. If you’re looking to reach users during earlier stages of the buying funnel, it’s more cost-effective to use digital marketing. Most buyers use Google to start this journey, so that’s where we place your adverts, right where consumers are looking.

Organic search optimisation (SEO)

You can often have too much of a good thing. Google, and more importantly, consumers, don't like reading websites stuffed with needless and repetitive keywords. As the Shaman said, it's "Naughty, naughty, very naughty". We keep your content fresh with rich and playful fluid copywriting, which customers relish. After all, it's engagement that Google loves, not keywords.

Instant revenue with Google ads (PPC)

Sadly, we're still waiting for teleportation to become an everyday reality. However, we do get instant results online. Our team of qualified Google Ads specialists will transport your business to page 1 of Google in a flash. Our intuitive fine-tuning of your adverts and schedule will create essential visibility, advert prominence and better ROI conversion. Let's talk about instant results.

Go Google Shopping

I see it; I want it! Images speak louder than words. Google Shopping Ads now get the premium spot in the search listings, as their visual format attracts more clicks than traditional text-based adverts. Our certified Google Shopping Ads specialists will adapt and list your entire stock. They will tailor each advert for great ROI nationally or internationally, hitting lower advert costs and better checkout conversion. Let's talk retail.

Video & display advertising

Life's so busy that people forget what they did yesterday - it's nice to remind them. We build relationships and nudge your prospective audience with products or service reminders. To do this, we use in-stream and personalised visual display ads, which follow and wake potential customers from brand apathy and convert them to brand champions.

Social media advertising

Is your brand taking advantage of users' screen time? People have not turned their backs on social media - 66% of the UK population use it with increasing regularity. Why wait for new followers to find you? Instead, let's get them. Kal Group is a certified advertiser for Facebook, Linked In and Instagram. We'll profile your audience and stream your posts and adverts directly into users' newsfeeds.

Local/national/international SEO

Where in the world are your customers? Here, there, or everywhere? Wherever they are, it's no problem, as we are currently running successful marketing campaigns across five continents and in 14 time zones. We expertly translate adverts into the native language and local currency, yielding improved conversions. Let's talk, whatever your language.

Reporting, analysis & data visualisation

Who, what, when, where, and why? It's not too much to ask from your data. We are one of the few that will give you straight answers to these five W's. Our digital advertising and website performance reports break down these five big data points and provide you with the sure-fire and crystal-clear details to help run your business efficiently. Got a question? Let's talk.

Let’s talk!

We can help you utilise new technologies and advise you on how to get the most from your business and your customers.