Evolution or revolution?

It’s a scary prospect changing your brand; we get that – a small change can make a big difference. Like time moves on, or a haircut grows out of fashion, so will your brand if you don’t keep it fresh and trim.

Brand evolution

How does an extra 13% growth sound? Surprisingly you don’t always need a revolution to make a big difference to your margins. We’ve proven this by delivering healthy returns to brands, which have made the confident steps with small evolutionary changes to their brand. So, if you’re looking for a change without the scary proposition of a revolution, we’re it.

Corporate identity

A brand is more than a logo. It is an expression of corporate personality. This principle is at the heart of our creation process. We reveal the character behind the brand, which your customers will lovingly embrace, advocate and use proudly.

On and offline strategy

We like keeping ducks in a row and brands in line. As your marketing gatekeeper and brand custodian, we'll ensure all your digital and printed marketing delivers a consistent and powerful message with punchy calls to action 100% of the time, when and wherever your customers find it.

Celebrity endorsement

Stars are not born - they're forged from tenacity and hard work. We utilise talent and a host of facilities to ensure your brand personality sings louder than the competition. We empower your marketing to engage new and existing customers at every step of their journey, to you and with you.

Guidelines and custodianship

Confusing brand identity and mixed messages are bad for business. Consistency is the cure that we administer. Kal Group works across all your marketing disciplines to maintain your brand integrity and tone of voice. We’ll unify your marketing to ensure your customers know who and what your brand stands for.

Customer retention and engagement

Sometimes it's easy to forget the people who have helped your company get to where it is today. We can provide you with the means to express to your customers just how special and important they are. We'll also ensure they will get an authentic and genuine representation of your brand, wherever they are.

Brand awareness

From the smallest device to an enormous wall and everything in between, we’ll present your products and services in a clear view of select audiences at targeted destinations.

Let’s talk!

We can help you uniform your brand, tone of voice and advise you on how to get the most from your business and your customers.