What we do

We’ll apply over 25 years worth of marketing experience to enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers, adding value to your output and improving your profitability.

Who are Kal

We are vigilant for our customers, always looking for opportunities that will help them grow and develop. We work with brand leaders who are passionate about moving their industry forward. Let us help you drive your business to innovate and create new solutions that lead where others follow. If your company wants to embrace and create the future for its industry, let's talk.

Specialists in leisure

We are currently working with some of the biggest names in motorhomes, caravans, static leisure homes, awnings and accessories. Our portfolio of manufacturers, distributors and staycation parks is a testament to the ongoing commitment and passion to this industry and the leisure community.

Pushing personalisation

We have partnered with some of the largest B2B and B2C personalisation providers - a complex industry where every product it ships is unique to the buyer. Likewise, we create unique and effective digital solutions for customers who feed an increasing global product demand for personalised goods. Everything we do is a testament to the ongoing drive, ambition and dedication Kal Group has to this industry.

“We work with brand leaders who are passionate about moving their industry forward… If that’s you, let’s talk.”

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Digital ecosystems

If not already, your company's digital stakeholding is going to get vastly more complex as customers demand more from your online offering. Complexity is like a virus, stealing lifeforce from your business, slowing reaction time and creating confusion for staff and customers alike. Kal group offers a straightforward, common-sense approach with our professional digital solutions. We provide a stable online digital ecosystem that will grow with your business. Let's talk common senses.

Engagement to conversion

How do you know your marketing is working for you? We'll give you all the numbers you want and need. Tracking every campaign, we explain and qualify the data. Each result is a truth on which our customers rely and a benchmark we aim to exceed. Let us help grow your businesses potential.

Brand evolutionists

Does your brand have a soul? A logo is the display of the company's personality. We look beyond the surface to discover the magic ingredients that connect your products and services to your customers. We'll evolve the natural character behind the brand and bring it to the fore, which customers will embrace.

Let’s talk!

We can help you utilise new technologies and advise you on how to get the most from your business and your customers.