We're doing our bit

Environmental and social responsibility is our concern. As a company, we’re actively reducing waste, travel and purchases, and finding productivity advantages by choosing conscious changes to set a positive example through our actions.

Moving digital

Fortunately, marketing is changing for the better. As the world moves headlong into the online domain, so too does your marketing. Year on year, we have encouraged our customers to produce less physical and more digital assets. We are reducing both their and our carbon footprint. Let’s talk about going digital.

Paperless office

We're getting there. The churning sound of the photocopier was once commonplace in offices. Today we avoid pressing the 'print' button as best we can. Wherever possible, Kal Group supply quotes, orders, contracts, proofs and more as digital documents.

Zoom conferences/meetings

Nobody likes sitting in a traffic jam. It’s not good for stress, and it doesn’t help the environment. We actively encourage online meetings between employees and with our customers. Let’s talk on Zoom together.

Remote working

Our staff can always work collaboratively, no matter where in the world they are located (usually Lincolnshire). Each operates the same as they would at our HQ. Flexible working is putting less strain on our staff, and with a reduction in travel, they benefit from a healthier work/life balance. Plus, it’s a small win for the environment as we reduce fuel consumption and traffic congestion.

Regenerated office space

Never buy new if you can recycle. Our lush green, open-plan office design is fit using reclaimed corporate furniture. Space was purposely created to enhance staff wellbeing and enhance open communication. We also have a massive oak tree at its centre to add a bit of normality.

Let’s talk!

We can help you utilise new technologies and advise you on how to get the most from your business and your customers.