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Owning Halloween

Business relationships blossom by gaining trust from each other’s abilities. We became the brand custodian for Coachman in 2015. From there, we have helped the brand strengthen its position in the industry. In 2020 Coachman trusted our judgement, commissioning a 30-day campaign to promote their Halloween weekend, which is traditionally the finale of the caravan buying season. Kal Group created a series of spooky teaser videos which exposed the lighter side of the brand’s personality, concluding with a Halloween Movie that ultimately showcased the new Coachman Lusso caravan.

The promotion ran to a daily schedule across social and digital advertising channels, evoking nearly half a million video views and unprecedented brand exposure. The campaign’s concept was an industry first, utilising social media, video, creative copywriting and engaging imagery to draw in consumers with teasers of a bigger Halloween Movie. Coachman’s retail network backed up the promotion with national Halloween weekend events and exclusive onsite viewings of the Lusso caravan. Coachman concluded the year with a 13% gain in market share. Who knows, maybe the spirits helped?

Onto bigger and better things

The mobile leisure industry had drawn a line in the sand. Coachman had the confidence to cross it, presenting consumers with something unexpected, ground-breaking and new. What could be next for Halloween now that Coachman has taken ownership of this festive weekend and carved their name into it? Let’s talk. Pick another date in the calendar and we’ll help you stamp your name on it.

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