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Expect the unexpected

They may sell the same product or services, but no two companies are alike. Don Amott tread their own path, but their marketing was not a fair representation of the company’s personality – this we had to change. With confidence, we launched their new website and vision, packed full of brand authenticity and eccentric ideas. The new identity created a distinct point of difference to competition, delivering shockwaves to both the industry and Don Amotts’ inbox, boosting huge increases in enquiries and footfall.

Being leading specialists in leisure, we can advise our customers to react quickly and stake a claim in emergent industry trends. Don Amott utilises the power of campaign based digital marketing to saturate online searches for both We Buy and VW Conversions, causing users to succumb to their unique campaigns. As such, Don Amott have been able to capture large percentages of the market before other retailers realised there was one.

Specialists in leisure

Ever get the feeling your current marketing agency fails to understand the basics of your leisure business? With over 25 years of industry insight, Kal Group is an expert at talking your language.

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