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These policies formalise the principles which are always fundamental to our business.

Data Security Policy

This Policy details how Kal Group protects data collected, held and processed from damage and threats, whether internal, external, deliberate, or accidental.

Data Rentention Policy

This Policy sets out the obligations of Kal Group regarding retention of personal data collected, held, and processed by the Company following the Data Protection Legislation.

Data Handling Policy

This Policy sets out rules and guidelines for all employees, agents, contractors, or other parties working on behalf of the Company regarding the handling of personal data.

Data Protection Policy

This Policy sets the Company’s obligations regarding the collection, processing, transfer, storage, and disposal of personal data.

Data Protection Certificate

Our data protection certification.

Cybersecurity Certificate

Our cybersecurity certification status.

Cookie Policy

Cookies allow us to distinguish you from other website users, which helps us provide you with a good experience.

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect, and why do we collect it.

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